My GoTo Products

I have had a lot of questions lately on what products I use for workout equipment, meal supplements, vitamins, and workout clothes. Here is your guide to everything I love with honest reviews!

My body is certainly not as limber or as young as it used to be.  I have always been a daily vitamin person ever since I got pregnant with my first child but my body, hormones, and needs have changed after ever pregnancy.  Because of this I have had to continue to switch up the supplements I use and try new products.  

This is my fourth product I have tried from a collagen perspective but it seems to be working well.  I mix one scoop with my afternoon drink that includes amino energy and 10oz of water.

There is no better time to take care of your immune system!!!!  Along with my daily vitamin I have also started taking probiotics to support a healthy digestion and immune system.

Often times I need a little get up and go before my workouts and in the afternoon when they day starts to drag.  I have tried several pre-workouts and this is the only one that doesn’t make my skin crawl.  It gives me just that little extra push that I need in the morning and re-energizes me in the afternoon.  I typically do 4 scoops to 16-20oz of water in the morning before my workout and then 2 scoops to 8-10oz in the afternoon.  

Daily vitamins are so important to me!  I am borderline anemic so I have to make sure that I am getting a balanced vitamin along with my balanced nutrition to ensure I am not randomly falling asleep.

Meal Replacements

When you eat 6 smalls meals a day sometimes meal replacements are the best option for you on the go snacks.  

Optimum Nutrition brand is by far my favorite protein powder.  I love the flavors, its not super chalky, its high in protein, low in sugars and carbs, and reasonably priced.  

Ideal Lean is one that i recently decided to try out, if you’re the type of person that counts calories this option also tastes great and is lower in calories, carbs, and sugars.  I switch back and forth quite a bit between these two brands.

Casein protein is a type of protein you don’t hear much about.  Everyone talks about using whey protein.  The reason I like casein protein is its a little bit thicker and it works great as a night time snack to help rebuild your muscles while you sleep.  

No matter what protein bar you use as a meal replacement I would always recommend checking on the carbs and sugars.  A lot of protein bars contain high amounts of carbs and sugars.  These are a great mix for a meal and they’re gluten free.

Workout Clothes

Brands Pictured here: Zyia, Target, Fabletics, CNC, Walmart, Reebok, Nike

Workout clothes have become somewhat of an obsession as of lately.  I used to just buy Fabletics clothing whenever they would have their sales or Nike’s overpriced leggings but I have recently fallen in love with two brands; Zyia and Curves & Combat Boots.  

If you’re looking for great workout pants that literally don’t move after you put them on then I highly recommend Zyia’s light n tight leggings.  They pass the squat challenge, don’t move an inch while you’re doing your burpees or bending over, they don’t roll down, and they suck in all the fat.  They are absolutely worth every penny! Along with their leggings, I love all of their tops including their hoodies, tanks, crop tanks, tshirts and long sleeve shirts.

Let’s talk boobies!  I am a busty gal so I need a sports bra that is going to hold me in place while I am jumping around or running.  I have tried tons of brands and most recently I have tried Curves and Combat Boots perfect strappy bra and I freaking love it!!!  They don’t always have the inventory so their products sell out fast but if you want something that is going to hold you in check them out.  If its style you’re looking for, I love Zyia’s grid bra (size up).  

I love wearing shorty shorts and knee high socks when I am weight training.  I have ordered several different pairs of knee high socks and these compression socks are by far my favorite. Booty shorts in this picture are from Zyia as well.  My favorite booty shorts are from Curves and Combat Boots.  They have a scrunchy booty that makes your butt look bigger and rounder, they don’t however stay in place so they occasionally ride up and roll down on the waist.

I have always used running shoes for my workouts until I started doing a lot of HIIT training and more jumping and found out that they weren’t great for the high impacts.  I saw these in a Nike email one day and decided to try them out.  They absorb the impact, making the impact easy on my knees and my ankles.  Also, they’re super comfy and fit my very narrow feet perfectly.


Lots of equipment on here and I want to preface this section by saying you really don’t need any extra equipment for my workouts.  You can get a great workout using body weight only and nothing extra!

I love using booty bands mainly because the glutes are my favorite muscle to workout.  I am literally always striving for a bigger rounder butt because the lord didn’t bless me with one like he did my mother and sister so mine is always a work in progress.  These fabric bands are great for upper booty exercises, they don’t pull your skin and they don’t move.

Sometimes the fabric booty bands can be too heavy to get the full range in motion and don’t work for lower booty or outer thigh cardio moves like jumping jacks or floor jacks.  These rubber bands are great for both upper and lower body moves with resistance training.

Medicine balls are great to add a little something extra to your ab workouts or if you need a weight variation while doing upper/lower body workouts.  I have this 12 pound ball and it works perfect.

When I first started working out my husband already had these adjustable dumbbells so I didn’t purchase any thing else.  They’re bulky and make it hard to do certain exercises but being able to move from 2.5 pounds to 20 pounds is super easy.  If you’re going to purchase adjustable dumbbells do some research and make sure you’re buying what makes sense for you.  I would never have purchased these because I don’t ever foresee myself needing weights over 40 pounds in each hand but they’re versatile.  

Since I drink my pre-workout, collagen, and meal replacement shakes quite a bit I always have shaker bottles on hand.  I especially love my new Wonder Woman shaker bottle as it has a lock on the top and it seals in the drink.  Blender Bottle brand has so many great colors and they even have a smaller size that comes with containers for your protein powder on the go.  I have never used any other brand so I cant really compare but I love this brand.

This workout bench isn’t the exact one that I have but its actually cheaper.  I received mine as a gift when I first set up my home gym and I absolutely love it.  Its adjustable so I can do incline bench presses, decline back rows, or I can lay it down and do many upper and lower body workouts. I use it quite a bit to step up on and even for tricep dips and elevated glute bridges.  

Drinking water is sooooooo important for your weight loss, health, and overall immune system.  I love my hydrojug and literally always have it with me.  If you’re struggling with drinking enough water, the hydrojug is a great water bottle to push your fluids.  My goal every day is to drink 2 of them but even if I fall short I am still drinking over 100 ounces of water a day.  Someone had recently asked me if it keeps your water cold and the answer is no however, I don’t like ice cold water.  I prefer my water to be cold but not cold enough that it builds up condensation on the outside of the jug.  I do have a sleeve for my jug that makes it easy to carry, keeps it insulated, has a pocket for my phone, and has a handy dandy handle.  If you are looking for something to keep your water cold all day I would not recommend using this jug but if you’re like me and not a fan of ice cold water then this is a great jug for you.